Stoneridge Technical Services

Welcome.  My name is Bill Creitz and I operate under the name Stoneridge Technical Services.  I provide technical writing, editing, illustrating and related services for delivering product information to your customers.

User documentation

User manuals.  To effectively support your customers, I take a user-centric approach to product documentation.  Users rarely have the time to read a manual from cover to cover, so I...

I can also revitalize existing user manuals, or collaborate on writing projects with your technical experts.

Single source authoring.  Using a specialized authoring tool, I can prepare online help and printed manuals from one set of source files.  This enables you to deliver documentation in two forms that are always in sync.

Computer-based training.  Interactive simulations are one of the fastest ways for customers to learn to use your desktop or Web-based applications.  I can produce instructional materials that guide users through an environment that looks and acts just like your software.

Your product's user interface is its most crucial and enduring contact point with your customers.  While developing product documentation, I'm often a de facto beta tester.  That enables me to suggest user interface changes—such as wording and layout—that can improve user efficiency and satisfaction.

Other services

Although not my main focus, I can also produce Web content, PowerPoint presentations, process diagrams, training manuals, functional specifications, news releases and marketing materials.  I'm known for making complex information easy to understand.

What's your project?

To get started, just tell me about your project.  I'll get back to you with a no-obligation proposal.